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Creature Designer Germany

<h2>Intertwines by Creature Designer Momo Pügerl from Germany</h2>

Making of a Intertwined!

Hi there! My name is Ramona – Momo for short – and I’m a freelance creature designer from Munich, Germany. I specialize in 3D creature design and concept art for the game and film industry.

I studied Interactive Animation at the SAE Insitute in Munich where I received my Bachelor of Arts in 2014. This is where it all started. I fell in love with digital sculpting and – obviously – creature design!

If you’re interested in working with me you may contact me via E-Mail or contact form <a href=””>HERE</a>

If you have any questions check the following FAQ:

<strong>What programs do you use?</strong>
I use ZBrush for all my sculpts. As for rendering, I use either ZBrush, Keyshot or Modo, depending on what kind of mood I want to set.

<strong>What program should I use when I want to try digital sculpting?</strong>
I will always recommend ZBrush, because I love working with it and it has many advantages. You can get a trial version <a href=””>HERE</a>. ZBrush Core is a slimmer version, but it has all the important features and it’s much cheaper compared to the normal version. There is also free programs that you can check out like Blender and Sculptris.

<strong>Do you use references?</strong>
YES! And I advice everyone to do so too. Reference is really important to get the details right, especially when it comes to anatomy. No one knows all those muscles and bones by heart!

<strong>How do you come up with your designs? </strong>
Sometimes I just start sculpting and see what comes out of it. But for the most part I use my collection of reference images. It includes pictures of animals like reptiles, deep sea critters, crustacean and weird looking plants.

<strong>Do you have any tips for beginners?</strong>
Study anatomy and always use references. Don’t be afraid to just dive in! Watch tutorials and soak up as much as you can. You will get better if you keep at it!

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